Guys, I just realized.

We all know The Doctor never wanted to make Amelia Pond wait 12 years for him to return and then another 2 years for him to take her into space and time. For some reason he was late both times.

The first time presumably did involve time travel since he told Amelia he would be back in five minutes. But somehow he ended up twelve years late, and when he got back Amy had just started dating Rory. The second picture had just happened.

The second time shouldn’t have involved time travel at all; he was just flying around the moon. Yet somehow he came back two years late and Amy and Rory were about to get married.

If The Doctor had only been five minutes, Amelia would have gone with him as a child and never even dated Rory. Melody Pond - child of the TARDIS - would never have been born. The TARDIS made Amy wait so that River Song could exist.

It’s not just that.  The TARDIS has taken the Doctor pretty much everywhere he was NEEDED even if he wanted to go someplace else, she always took him to a time when he was needed by the people there.

The TARDIS turned the Doctor into a hero.

Doctor Who isn’t about the heroic Time Lord and his TARDIS. It’s about the heroic TARDIS and her Time Lord.

In a way the TARDIS created a wife for him. Oh she is such the romantic ;)


The Doctor’s here. He came when I called just like he always does. But not “my” Doctor. Now my Doctor…


I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then.” [x]

Kate of Eat the Damn Cake, The Stupidity of “Natural” Beauty (via theimperfectascent)

I lost whole years of my life to self-loathing and self-sabotaging because I couldn’t sustain being ‘gifted’.  Don’t make the same mistake.

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This is so, so important for teachers to understand. I try, in every report card, to focus on effort, not natural ability. And you know what? It makes a big difference in my classroom.

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Also why Hufflepuff is the raddest house.

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Bow ties are cool.



So here are the three pieces I finished for Toronto Comicon this past Sunday!  I’m really happy with the way they turned out and they were a big hit!  It’s so amazing to go to cons and meet so many people who love the same things you do as much (if not more!) than you do! <3  Stay tuned - I will be finishing a much bigger who piece to debut in the New Year!

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